Established in 2011 by Brittany Belz, LA based contemporary collection, Voyage Clothing, draws inspiration from world travels, festivals, and times past. The collection consists of effortlessly chic dresses, blouses, and bottoms that have a modern and eclectic aesthetic with the feel of the past.


Voyage Clothing was established in August 2011 by former sales rep and LA based fashionista, Brittany Belz. After travelling the world, Belz wanted to create a collection that showed the influence of culture on fashion. The contemporary women’s collection selects items from the past and reinterprets it with a modern twist, creating an eclectic, versatile collection. the collection is diverse and features both cute, brightly hued dresses as well as cozy, comfortable knits available in edgy sweaters and chic dresses. Retail price ranges between $72-180.00 and all items are made in Los Angeles.


The voyage girl is interested in travel and likes clothes that are easy to pack up in her suitcase and are no brainers in terms of looking effortlessly chic. Items can easily transition from day to night, simply by changing accessories. Additionally, the collection consists of lightweight materials such as cottons and rayons, therefore items are easy to travel with. The voyage girl wants to stand out in a crowd. She does so without even having to try. She doesn’t want to look like everybody else and dresses depending on how she feels. She takes risks, she’s rebellious, but always portrays herself as well composed.